Health and Safety

Vaccination Requirements 

Our belief is that every dog should have the ability to run and play free as nature intended and we are proud to be able to offer this to you. It is our mission to provide not only a safe and secure place to play, but also a healthy one and that is why we have a vaccinations protocol for our guests.

All dogs must have their core vaccinations up to date, including Parvovirus and Distemper.

Rabies is not required, but strongly recommend.

Titre testing is accepted so long as your pup is in good health and is regularly seen by your vet, proof of a valid titre test must be presented prior to entering the parks. 

Thank you all for helping us to keep our parks beautiful, safe and healthy for all of our dogs to enjoy! 

Play Unleashed

Happy Pups are Off Leash

Field of Dreams

Great for Those who like to run

Our first park features 50,000 square feet of unobstructed open space for your pup to be able to get up to full speed! This parks allows your pups to burn off their energy in a safe and positive way while chasing balls and having a great time!

Enchanted Forest

Great for those who like to explore

Your own private forest adventure awaits you and your best friend! Welcome to our newest park, The enchanted Forest. Here you and your pup can enjoy sniffing, searching and exploring all the sights and sounds that a natural aspen grove offers. The Enchanted Forest is great for those pups who might not like to run full tilt, but would rather have their nose to the ground and can sniff till there hearts content!

Coming Soon!

New Parks Coming 2019

We are always looking for fun ways to improve your experience at Play Unleashed and will continue to create unique attractions for you and your best friends to play!


We just took our 2 dogs and our semi-feral foster to the private off leash area at The Place 4 Paws and this was the first time our foster was able to really open up and run free! All 3 dogs had the BEST time and they are all snoozing happily now. Thank you so much for providing this nice, safe place for me to bring my AARCS fosters to socialize and exercise!

Jenn K

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